Friday, 13 June 2014

You are an Amazing Human Being

I still can't believe this lego plane was designed and built by a 4 year old. There’s no manual for this aeroplane!! Just look at all the details. He’s so creative!
A few days ago I watched a youtube video of a 7 year old girl with a black belt in karate. Most of you probably have already seen that video. I'm sure we all agree that she was incredible. Her video left my jaws hanging for a while and it reminded me of a talented person that I know.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Oh my word... It's End of May!!

Wow...I haven't blogged for such a long time. Last two months were epic because my floor tiles exploded. It looked as if Godzilla came over and did some breakdancing. It was a random afternoon when the tiles started popping and huge crack lines raced around the living room. It was crazy.

I had to move out for a while so the builders could redo the place. All the packing and unpacking drove me crazy. Apart from packing a suitcase for myself, everything else had to be cleared out and put into storage. 

A few weeks ago the floor was finally fixed and I could move back in again! Woohoo!

A week after moving back in, some friends came over from the UK for holiday. We had a splendid time! :D We went on lots of food adventures~ From fast food outlets to classy steak houses!

Here is a quick summary of the food we ate in photos:
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