Friday, 13 June 2014

You are an Amazing Human Being

I still can't believe this lego plane was designed and built by a 4 year old. There’s no manual for this aeroplane!! Just look at all the details. He’s so creative!
A few days ago I watched a youtube video of a 7 year old girl with a black belt in karate. Most of you probably have already seen that video. I'm sure we all agree that she was incredible. Her video left my jaws hanging for a while and it reminded me of a talented person that I know.

This person was a 4 year old boy who played with lego all day long. As we know, many lego sets have a manual for its model. Like many people, this little boy would build his models according to the manual, and once he finished he would take it all apart (this is where the magic happens). He then starts building something from scratch, with no manuals or pictures as a reference. It seemed as if he already created a manual in his head. He wasn't stressed or frustrated at all, in fact he was enjoying himself and he made sure his lego plane was well structured. It needed nice wings, flaps, guns (lol), exhaust pipes etc. It was really fascinating to watch a small pair of hands creating something with such amount of detail. 

Once he finished, he had a very cute and satisfying smile on his face. 

This little lego boy and the little karate girl reminded me that we are all different. Our personal qualities is what makes us special. We all have talents which we may have already discovered or yet to be revealed. You don't need to match other people's standards or expectations of 'talent' because we are all unique individuals. Imagine if all the Marvel and X-men characters have the same superpowers, how boring would the films be? So remember, don't ever think you're useless or worthless. You are an amazing human being. :)

He got a little distracted by the TV. lol

I can't imagine myself building something like this without a

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