Saturday, 10 January 2015

Twinkly Nails

I got a sample bottle of nails inc polish in a dark purple shade from
last month's copy of Glamour magazine. I wasn’t used to the dark
shade of purple because I normally go for brighter colours. I
decided to add a bit of sparkle to edge things up.

I love glitter nail polishes, because they make your nails look so nice and twinkly. However they do seem to take a lot more time to apply and remove. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a glitter polish that could be easily applied and removed? Well, I think I found one that satisfies both criteria. I am very please with its texture and amount of glitter. It has earned a spot on my list of favourite polishes. Woohoo! :D

So my current favourite glitter polish is....


RIMMEL’S SPACE DUST – Moon walking

I was actually given this nail polish by my best friend. She’s not a fan of glitter polishes so she kindly donated it me. At first I was slightly sceptical because of my past experiences with glitter polishes. The last glitter polish I used took FOREVER to move. Not only did I had to use a huge amount of polish remover, I also had to use lots of cotton pads. When I first saw this beautiful polish, my first reaction was “This looks so pretty! Wait, is it going to take a long time to remove? Hmmm...” Surprisingly, the removing process didn’t take as long as I expected. One cotton wool and a few splashes of polish did just the trick! *thumbs up*

The colour is shimmering, and the texture is really even. The first coat already consists a good amount of glitter. A second coat finished it off with an extra sparkle. In total there are five shades of colour for this space dust collection. I am really pleased with the result of the moon walking. I would love to try out the other four colours!


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