Sunday, 24 January 2016

New Year, New Start

Happy 2016! I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year. It's a new year, a new start for us all. 

Recently, I watched a number of videos related to new year resolutions. Even though most of the time we end up forgetting about our new year resolutions, I think it's always nice to set little challenges for ourselves. Reason being that these challenges are areas where we would like to improve ourselves on. I don't usually make new year resolutions (because I normally forget them the next day anyway), but there is something that I really want to try. I want to push myself to step out of my comfort zone. It's pretty scary but I like I always say to my friends:

"If you don't try, you will never know."

I don't remember where or how I got this quote. But this quote has always been in my head ever since I was young. I used to use it all the time to motivate my friends when they're feeling down or anxious. The problem is, I can't seem to apply it to myself.

About two years ago, I started shoving myself out of my comfort zone a little. I started blogging and making videos on YouTube. Honestly, IT WAS SCARY. I felt as if I was going to pull out all of my hair because I my head was filled with anxious thoughts.

What if people dislike me?
Will my content be rubbish?
What if...people judge me?

Overtime I learnt that these thoughts added no value to my life apart from dragging me down. As a matter of fact, I met a lot of lovely people ever since I started blogging and vlogging. Of course, no matter where you go in life you will always encounter bizarre people. These people do not determine who you are and you don't live your life for them. So why let them be part of your story? 

I'm sure we will all have our good days and days but remember to keep your chin up!  You are the author of your story. Stepping out of your comfort zone will be terrifying, but it's when the adventures begin! :)


  1. Happy 2016! Hope you have an amazing start ahead of you. x

  2. Happy 2016 Alyce! Beautiful picture!

  3. Awesome post! Very lovely photos too. Happy Monday to you! :)


  4. It can really be good to push yourself a little and step out of your comfort zone! After you've finally done it you just feel so liberated, right, and you feel stronger and more confident.

    1. ^_^ I agree with you Melissa! These learning curves make us stronger as a person. Thank you so much for your kindness and support!


  5. I can totally understand you. I live in my comfort zone and sometimes we ne to try and do more :) x

    1. Thanks Aisha. ^_^ It can be scary but we need to remember that we're not alone!



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