Tuesday, 22 October 2013

If You Don't Try You Will Never Know

One of my OOTDs during the summer.

I must say 2013 has been a year filled with lots of new adventures for me. Like many people, I have had many fashion crises. It's not easy staring at the wardrobe in the morning and not say "I have nothing to wear!". LOL

One of the biggest lessons I learnt this year is 'If you don't try, you will never know.'. 

My best friend once gave me a quote:

 It is far, far better to live a life of uncertain happiness than of certain misery.

It's not easy taking that leap of faith. However it is much better knowing that you have tried something (excluding harmful substances) than always having in mind: would have, should have or could have. 

So this was one of the outfits I put together during the summer. To be honest I was a bit scared to walk out of the house looking like this. This is because I don't normally tie my hair up, wear high waisted shorts or gold jewellery. 

I guess it didn't turn out too bad right? =)

Necklace: Accessorize, Tiger top: H&M, High waisted shorts: New Look

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