Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Water Strong Liquid Liner by Browlash Ex

My daily mirror reflection when I first started wearing eyeliner.

So my eyeliner adventure started when I was around 18/19 years old. I know, I was a late bloomer. lol 
For a long time, I wasn't used to wearing make-up. It felt really uncomfortable. Most of the time I even forgot I had make-up on, so I would rub my eyes subconsciously during the day - bad habit. 

It was inevitable to have a huge pair of panda eyes at the end of each day. My eyeliner would smudge 99.9% of the time. 

Something funny happened when I first started wearing eyeliner. One day I was on my way home, and I noticed ALOT of people were staring at me on the bus. They were not nasty stares, but more like stares of horror. Of course being the usual me, I decided to take a nap because I thought I was being too self-conscious after a long day. Perhaps they were staring at someone else or a pigeon that flew into the window?

Anyway, when I got home and as I looked into the mirror I scared myself. I totally understood why people were staring at me. I looked liked a pigeon that slammed its face into a window. Imagine going home looking like that, how embarrassing. *sigh*

Since then I've tried quite a lot of eyeliners, and so far I am rather pleased with this one.

This is the 24 hour waterproof eyeliner by Browlash Ex, and it comes in black and brown.

It was quite random how I started using this eyeliner. I was actually on holiday in Hong Kong with my friends and we decided to try one of the Japanese eyeliners. This was because we had a lot of good reviews about Japanese cosmetics. There were so many brands to choose from and we had no idea which one was the best. The price range between them was quite big too. We didn't want to spend too much on an eyeliner, just in case they were no good and we had to punch ourselves in the face. Being very honest, it felt like we did 'eenie meenie miney mo' and just picked one off the rack. Thank God for blessing us with a good eyeliner! :D

I've been using this eyeliner for over a year now and I must say I am very pleased with it. It's a 24 hour eyeliner with a waterproof formula which helps reduce smudging around the eyes. The soft pen tip is very easy to use and control on the eyelids. Even though it has a felt tip pen design, the most efficient way to apply the eyeliner is by a brushing motion. 

Let's run it under water to see how waterproof it is.

The line is still there!

Perhaps after drying it with a tissue...

Not bad, not bad.

Taking it off with make-up remover.


As you can see the eyeliner is extremely waterproof. On top of that, it can be easily removed with eye make-up remover. *thumbs up*

Sadly, I haven't seen this brand in the UK. So the only way to get your hands on one is either online or in the Orient. 

I think the price is reasonable for a waterproof eyeliner, it costs around $75-79 HKD (Roughly around £6.25-6.59). Not too bad, I guess. :)

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