Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Break From The Concrete Jungle - Exploration

It can be really exhausting when you're always in a city that hardly sleeps. On top of that, you're constantly surrounded by skyscrapers. Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time with some fresh air by the sea? I love a vibrant city but it can make me feel somewhat stressed. So I recently went for a small getaway with some friends to a place called Sai Kung in Hong Kong. It's a really nice place to relax and escape from continuous crowds in Hong Kong. If you ever drop by Hong Kong, this place is definitely worth a visit. Unless you have water phobia because Sai Kung is mostly surrounded by the sea. XD lol

Once we arrived in Sai Kung (which reminds me of the town centres in the UK because Sai Kung is a town on its own), we purchased tickets for a boat trip. Sai Kung is surrounded by many little islands so we wanted to take this opportunity to explore the nature side of Hong Kong. There were so many different stands selling tickets for tours at the harbour, from island tours to anemone viewings. Since we arrived at Sai Kung in the evening, there was no point going for a 2-3 hour boat trip.Therefore we settled for a 1 hour boat trip to an island called Sharp Island. It only costs $20 per person! 

After purchasing our tickets, we had to wait for our boat at the harbour. The boat company which we bought our tickets from was called 'Mao Gey', a.k.a Kitty's Boat (What a cute name!). The tickets look very cute too. Sadly, the boat did not come in the shape of a cat. Initially, I had the cat bus from totoro in my mind. XD XD

Cute boarding passes

The harbour where we waited for our cat boat. 

I'm going to jump! (Not really. lol xP)

The cat boat. XD

When we arrived on Sharp Island, we started exploring the area and visited the local landmark, the rocky path. This unique footpath connects two islands together and can only be seen when the tide is low.

Being my foodie self, I had to buy an orange ice lolly for the sunny day. 

Once we reached the other side of the rocky path, we hiked on a hill and did some more exploring. The view was AMAZING. It was nice to know that Hong Kong still had places with nice air, no crowds and trees. 

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