Friday, 14 March 2014

Roses Overload

Whenever you travel to new places, you will always have the opportunity to learn about the local culture. So I recently travelled to Hong Kong and I happened to spend Valentine's Day here. Being very honest, Valentine's Day seems like a BIG DEAL in Hong Kong. It seems to be even more important than Christmas. The amount of bouquets I saw were phenomenal. I have never seen so many people holding flowers in my life! Back in the UK, we may see a few bouquets here and there on Valentine's day but we hardly see giant heart shaped balloons or a mountain sized bouquets. The funny thing is that most of the time it ends up being the boyfriend/husband who carries the flowers or balloons with a very proud looking girlfriend trotting along next to him. It felt as if the flowers is a trophy to show to all the girls around. The bigger the bouquet, the better. I was quite fascinated so I started counting the number of bouquets I saw on my way home. I'm not even joking, when I reached home I counted 50 bouquets. (Remember this is just on the way home.)

When I got home I was inspired to make a cartoon based on this funny Valentine's Day which I experienced, and the impression I had of it. So my latest creation is called 'Roses Overload', just a silly video for a laugh. Enjoy! :)

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