Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Time for some Korean food! :D

Like many of my friends, I LOVE Korean food. The variety of scrumptious dishes make me really indecisive. From Kimchi to Pajeon, I just want to eat everything on the menu! 

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a modern Korean food chain called 'School Food'. It has a variety of simple yet modern Korean dishes. For instance they have a very popular dish called toppoki carbonara which is basically Korean rice cakes topped with a thick carbonara sauce. Yum! 

Honestly, I think their rolls are amazing. Last night was my fourth visit, and so far I've ordered a roll each time I dine there. My personal favourite has to be the blooming roll. It has a marinated beef filling wrapped with layers of seaweed and egg. (Thinking about it makes me hungry already.) 

The 'I-am-taking-a-photo-of-my-food-
do-not-disturb me'

Blooming Rolls

Squid Rolls

Toppoki Carbonara

Korean fried chicken - dakgangjeong

Fried rice with cheese!

Something new for my taste buds.
Spicy ramyun with cheese! (O_O)

Beef Quesadillas

I think the quesadillas tasted really similar to the blooming rolls. Maybe it's because they both have the same marinated beef filling? Anyway, I'm looking forward to try out more stuff on the menu on my next visit! :D

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