Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Short December Post

OOTD: Stripy jumper from H&M and leggings from Primark.

It feels so surreal that we are in the month of December. Did someone press the fast forward button for 2014? (Lol) I seriously need to be more active with this blog. I looked at my last post and it was posted more than a month ago?! Oh dear...

Anyway, back to my day. So the temperature dropped during the night and I woke up shivering. BRRR!! I definitely need to dig out my blankie tonight. I didn't put too much thought into my outfit today since I wanted to feel comfy and warm after a cold night. As you can see I ended up popping on a cosy jumper and a pair of leggings.

I felt peckish after running some errands, so I popped into McD's and tried the new chicken bites. Muwahaha! Of course, I couldn't leave out my favourite hot chocolate from McCafe~

Saw this on my way to dinner. Isn't it pretty? 

I met some friends for dinner in the evening and we had hot pot. Now, I have a very stuffed tummy to sleep on. :D

Good night world!

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