Monday, 4 November 2013

The Sushi Quest

One of my favourite cuisines has to be Japanese. I just LOVE Japanese food so much! I can never seem to get bored of it. Of course one of my favourite dishes is sushi but good sushi does not come cheap in London. Let's face it, the places that offer sushi at relatively low prices are normally super packed, and the queue is always as long as the Great Wall of China. On the other hand, the places where you could sit down comfortably with a relaxing atmosphere have sky-high prices. *sigh*

Ever since I fell in love with sushi, I decided to go on quests to find good sushi restaurants in London. So far I found some really good Japanese restaurants which I would definitely recommend to my friends, one of them is Eat Tokyo. Personally I think the prices are reasonable and the food is scrumptious. It's not a classy restaurant with dangling chandeliers, instead it's a simple Japanese restaurant where you could sit down and enjoy a decent Japanese meal.

Eat Tokyo

Eat Tokyo is an authentic Japanese restaurant with 6 branches in Tokyo and 5 outlets around London; Golders Green, Nottinghill Gate, Trafalgar Square, Holborn and Hammersmith. I have visited the Trafalgar Square and Golders Green branches and the food quality is excellent. The only problem I had during my visits was deciding on what to eat, because there are so many choices! 

Here are some mouth-watering photographs of my meals at Eat Tokyo:

Sushi Bento Box

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box

If you are planning to visit Eat Tokyo, I hope you will enjoy your dining experience! :)

Official Eat Tokyo website:

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